Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cubs World Series

There has been a decent amount of coverage about the Cubs lately. They are in 1st place in the NL and apparently the last time they were in 1st on June 1st was 1908, which is also the last time they won the World Series.

The Cubs are also for SALE right now. I was just wondering, but are the Cubs worth MORE if they win the WS this year or less?

I guess you can point to the Red Sox or the White Sox and say they are worth more after winning except the RED SOX are cuz they are STILL Winning. White Sox are worth more probably just because baseball teams are worth more. The reason they could be worth less is because with LOSING, do the Cubs less loveable? New owners probably want to come in and be the savior who finally breaks the curse.

Just some food for thought. Also, if Mark Cuban buys the Cubs, will people hate them more than they already do? Or do people like Cuban. I personally hate him. He's not as rich as people think (In the NBA Finals against the Heat, the Heat owner was actually about 5x richer than Cuban, something many people do not realize). Also, he would be ANNOYING to work for and its annoying to watch him whine during games. Also, he dresses like a slob.


CLanterman said...

I find it hilarious that he wore sleaveless shirts when he was fat. Now that he hired a personal trainer to make him look semi-ok, he's not out of shape enough to make fun of. Though its not hard to make fun of him on Dancing with the Stars.

Jon said...

have you ever watched dancing with the stars?? i hope not. girls at the office watch it, but not girls i like at all.